Which of us was the "real American" and "true patriot"?
Here’s an essay I wrote for the Reformed Journal… The last time I had lunch with my mother had been fifteen months ago—in other words, before the pande…
It's not what I expected
Say hello to "manageable threat"
The publication date is "sometime this year"
A former Minneapolis police officer faces murder charges
I'm excited and don't know why
It's awards season, and I modestly reflect on the many nominations and recognitions I've received over the years.
Yesterday I found myself in a virtual classroom with 57 students, and I have a few thoughts. 
Dear friends, subscribers, and faithful readers, Since many of you know me personally (and read my blog mainly out of nosiness), I thought you might en…
Here’s my February column for my hometown newspaper, the Holland Sentinel… When is the right time to leave a relationship, a job, or a church? I’ve tho…
Dear friends, subscribers, and faithful readers, I’ve got big news! My blog has migrated to a new platform, where all the cook kids are hanging out!