Going along with the crowd

Dear friends, subscribers, and faithful readers,

I’ve got big news! Well, it’s big for me and maybe not so big for you. In any case, my blog has moved—or, as we in the business like to say it, it has migrated to a new platform.

After eight years on a WordPress platform—with a name that made so much sense in the heyday of blogging—I made the decision to move to another platform where I’ve noticed that a lot of the cool kids are hanging out. My mother often warned me against going along with the crowd, so (believe me) I am not making this decision lightly. But it’s the right move at the right time.

I’m making this move in anticipation of a book launch in just a few months. Which of course is also REALLY BIG NEWS, but more about that later.

The platform where the cool kids seem to be hanging out these days is known as Substack, and so I’ve moved both my archive of old blog posts (most of them), plus my precious subscribers list, here. You don’t have to do anything, and nothing will change on your end. You will still be notified when a new post appears. And your email address won’t be sold or used for any other purpose.

So, I invite you to take a look and maybe invite others to subscribe as well. My book is a memoir of my 40 years in ministry, and you’ll want to know about publication dates and such, because you may be in it. Please stay tuned.

It’s been a strange time for me and for everyone I know, but I’m looking forward to the new year with hope and anticipation. And I hope you will join me.